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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 4, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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dramatically and he died a month later. we owe our warriors everything. thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: thanks for watching. catch us every night at 6:00 p.m. right now here's lou dobbs. we've got the vice presidential after him, neil cavuto. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs and we're live from longwood university in farmville, virginia for the first and the only vice presidential debate of the 2016 election. two hours from now, governor mike pence faces off against senator tim kaine for a 90-minute debate with no commercial interruptions. this is the first time that pence and kaine have met face-to-face. their only other interaction was a telephone call from pence to kaine, that after hillary clinton chose kaine as her running mate. pence last night talked at a
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rally in ashland, virginia where he gave a preview, perhaps of what we can expect tonight. >> i'm going to be heading over to farmville to longwood university. [ cheers ] >> little bit of a debate with, your governor, former governor and your senator, tim kaine. [booing] >> and i'll tell you while i expect we're going to be talking about the visions and the choice the american people face at top of the ticket, i kind of hope we get on talk about our records as well because they're just a little bit different. i mean when tim kaine was governor, he actually tried to raise taxes by $4 billion. in four years. the state of indiana, i've signed more than $3.5 billion in tax relief. lou: the governor looks anxious to talk about the tax cuts, doesn't he? among our guests tonight, the first senator to endorse donald trump for president, senator jeff sessions joining me.
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also with us tonight, congressman mike pompeiio and evangelical leader and the president of liberty university jerry falwell, jr. it is also a busy day for the top of the ticket. donald trump making his sixth trip to the key battleground state of arizona where the "real clear politics poll"ing average shows him leading clinton by just about two points. in a speech in prescott valley, trump wished his running made good luck ahead of tonight's debate. >> i want to send our best wishes to our great governor mike pence as he prepares for his debate tonight. the debate will be a contrast between our campaign of big ideas and bold solutions for tomorrow versus the small and petty clinton campaign that is totally stuck in the past. lou: and here tonight we have
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some of the best political analysis, matt schlapp, lee carter, charlie hurt among our guests and monitoring the threat hurricane matthew, a hurricane watch in effect for south florida, as the category 4 storm is churned through the caribbean and now headed toward the united states. we'll have the very latest for you here tonight as well. our top story -- donald trump campaigning in the battleground state of arizona with 35 days remaining before the election. the republican nominee addressing one of the greatest challenges facing our country today, illegal immigration, and trump reported his call for a wall along the border with mexico and he questioned whether refugees still can be properly vetted. >> our border is wide open, and drugs and criminal cartels are pouring into the country, and nobody knows that better than the people of arizona. nobody. [cheers]
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and we're going to stop it. thousands of refugees are being admitted with no way to screen them, and they're instantly made eligible for welfare and free health care even as our own veterans die waiting for medical care that they desperately need. lou: and joining us tonight, senator jeff sessions. he's the first senator as i said to endorse trump for president. he's also a member of several key very important committees including budget, armed services and the judiciary committee. senator, great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start with the record numbers of illegal immigrants now pouring across the border. if we can believe those numbers. >> let me tell you what the top border patrol official told us at my subcommittee. he said that they catch about half of the people attempting to enter illegally and of those they catch, 80% are released before they're deport.
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this is why the morale of the agency is the lowest in the federal government. they actually sued the federal government for keeping them from enforcing laws by regulations and political orders from on top. lou: and yet this democratic nominee wants amnesty for everybody, for all illegal immigrants, which includes now refugees from all over the world within 100 days of taking office, if she wins the election. >> it's a radical position, far to the left of barack obama's position on refugees. he admitted a little over 10,000 this year. she proposes 65,000, and top experts say they cannot be vetted for dangerousness, and she also is undermining the enforcement at the border. lou: the fbi director, whose own reputation has been severely tarnished, obviously, on his decision, ad hoc
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decision, capricious decision not to charge or recommend her prosecution. he acknowledged that the fbi, no part of the federal government can vet these refugees, yet they persist. >> they cannot vet them because nobody can go into syria and check the records if they produce a document, who can check it? they've also admitted they will admit them simply on their own testimony about what they say the facts are. that's why we cannot vet them in any effective way. lou: and right now, everyone seems to be on tenterhooks, awaiting julian assange of wikileaks, his october surprise. i'd like you and the audience to listen to the democratic nominee to talk about assange, the october surprise and her remarks where she said he should be droned. >> are you worried there's anything that could come out that would upend the race?
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and did you ever joke about droning assange? >> i don't know anything about what he's talking about, and i don't recall any joke, it would have been a joke if it had been said but i don't recall that. lou: i have to say, i was impressed, and you as an attorney, a former -- sitting on the judiciary committee of the united states senate, former federal prosecutor, you're pretty impressed to hear her response which is i don't remember but if i did, i would have been joking. she covered about everything that maybe a dream late at night? >> lou, that's the way you lie. that's the way people do it in court. i've seen it many, many times. well, i don't remember, but if, and she said 35 times before the fbi interview that she couldn't remember? if you can remember and you say i can't remember, that's as false a perjurious statement as
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if you gave a flat-out false statement. lou: i have seen politicians with a bell around their neck that clings loudly. she has benghazi, the e-mail scandal, she has assange, she has the clinton foundation, i mean the list goes on. there is nothing but noise around her neck right now, and the polls don't reflect it. why not? >> people do not -- but her polls reflect high distrust, high negative ratings for her, and i think they've got to think through is she articulate, smooth, got an answer for everything, but is it true? and why hasn't she accomplished more, and during her time as secretary of state, top policy setter for america, we suffered the greatest disasters in the middle east that you can imagine. we've got horrendous problems in the middle east and it arose from her tenure as secretary of state from bad decisions. lou: the reversals in the middle east are opposite administration, but
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particularly when she was secretary of state astounding. tonight, pence and kaine. what do you expect in the debate? >> well, i hope that mike pence can do what he does so well. first of all, he's going to project to the american people a man of common sense, decency, integrity and courage, and i think he'll do that. but i do believe he needs to get this campaign refocused on the fundamental issues. why is median income in america on a steady decline? why are people hurting? are these trade deals actually making america better or worse? and the data shows it's making us worse. same with immigration, if you bring in more workers, lou, than we've got jobs for, it pulse down wages and it is an unhealthy situation. lou: and this -- this election year, we have seen because of donald trump and the items that he has driven forward to the top of this national agenda,
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you know, we're talking about things that haven't been discussed in public let alone in a presidential debate for decades. senator, it's great to see you. thanks for being with us. senator jeff sessions. >> thank you. lou: and other news tonight that we are watching and watching closely for you, the southeast is on high alert tonight, hurricane matthew is now a category 4 storm. it is headed toward the east coast of the country. a hurricane watch issued for parts of south florida after the category 4 storm hit haiti and cuba earlier today. storm making landfall, sustained winds, are you ready for this, 145 miles an hour. 10-foot storm surge and more than three feet of rain. officials in georgia, south carolina and north carolina joining florida in declaring states of emergencies and setting up watches and warnings for the storm. meteorologists projecting the storm could hit upper florida toward the end of the week push
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its way up the coast including south carolina and georgia over the weekend. we'll have the latest projections for you here next, and report to you on the progress of the storm. up next, donald trump on the campaign trail, and he's hitting hillary clinton hard on e-mails and calling the fbi investigation into her personal e-mail server rigged. >> we've become a banana republic and today we learned that the fbi made a side deal with clinton's top aides to destroy their laptops. they said it's okay, destroy your laptops. get rid of it. [booing] what is going on?, right? what is going on? lou: coming up next, matt schlapp and charlie hurt join me at longwood university in farmville, virginia for tonight's vice presidential debate. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: we're live from farmville, virginia. here at longwood university. a beautiful place for the vice presidential debate tonight. donald trump will be among the millions by the way, watching tonight's debate and he tweeted this. are you ready? he tweeted this --
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and that, as far as we know, is the only tweet emanating from the republican nominee tonight. so far. we can expect more. hillary clinton also watching this debate from her home in chappaqua, new york. earlier today, she was in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and there, she attacked trump about comments he made about post-traumatic stress disorder and some of our veterans. now if you would, please, listen to what trump actually said yesterday and clinton's interpretation or distortion, if you prefer. >> when you talk about the mental health problems when people come back from scombar combat and see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over and they're strong and can
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handle it but a lot of people can't handle it. they see horror stories, they see events in a movie, nobody would believe it. >> lots of people who need help aren't getting it. you know what doesn't help with that? when a man asking to be our next commander in chief stands up and says post-traumatic stress isn't a problem if you're strong. lou: is that what he said? or is it a clinton lie? but that is the same candidate who lied to family members of the benghazi victims at andrews air force base as the bodies of their loved ones were returned to the country from benghazi. joining me charlie hurt, fox news contributor, chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp. matt, start with you, was that a distortion or isextraneous st
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the only way she can win when she's such a damaged candidate. lou: charlie, your thoughts? >> on that particular quote, i still don't understand what the media was trying to claim he said that was so offensive. but they went after it. the mainstream media, glommed onto it, and because they're working in such concert with the clinton campaign, they turned it into once they got to listen to what he actually said, explain it to me. i don't see any -- lou: it is stunning to watch th coordination, the orchestration between major liberal mainstream media and the clinton campaign, and it goes on and on.
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i personally, matt, charlie, i think the folks are wise to it. it's going be interesting to see how it reads out. in terms of tonight's debate, kaine, pence, charlie, first how is it going to go? is this going to be a pyrotechnic display on the part of the two candidates? >> i hope so! that's what i'm here for. lou: good coffee. >> and if it's not, we can look at the twitter feed, and i'm sure donald trump will throw some fire bombs tonight, but you know, the bottom line is i think if mike pence sticks with the best line from trump's campaign -- debate where, he talks about it's been 30 year, you've had 30 years, this is president obama's third term, it's time for somebody else to take a whack at this. i think it's -- pence could walk away with a good victory here. lou: matt, i think charlie has enunciated precisely the issue
7:20 pm
here. donald trump and governor pence are the agents of change. >> right. lou: they are those who should be surfing this wave of change in 2016 and somehow, hillary clinton keeps eating into their territory and claims.
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tonight, he's going to continue to expand this big republican coalition. lou: all right, matt schlapp, thank you so much. charlie hurt, appreciate you both being with us tonight. up next, donald trump says he's benefitted from a complex and unfair tax code. you know the rest of us all wanted to pay taxes and we all want everybody else to pay taxes. i have to tell you, i don't think that's the case at all, but we'll take it up anyway and see what -- well, what are called regular americans in some quarters really think?
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . lou: we're coming to you live from farmville, virginia at longwood university for the first and only vice presidential debate. earlier today, wikileaks founder julian assange was supposed to, well, drop the
7:26 pm
october surprisous. however, he failed to deliver on the much anticipated surprise. assange instead promised to release new information regarding the 2016 election each week for the next ten weeks. that carries us five weeks beyond the election, so there may be some anti-climactic element to it all. joining me now, the host of "mediabuzz" howie -- howie kurtz. >> i was ready to go. >> i think assange should change the name of the organization to wiki hype. we all got the big buildup and had an impact on the election before, he seems to be promoting himself and organization from his captivity which is what it is, he hides out from criminal charges but didn't produce the goods. lou: from an alt-left figure
7:27 pm
here, has remarkable instincts. yet, we saw signs of anxiety on the part of the clinton campaign, and in particular, she has been accused of saying just drone him, and it was an interesting reaction. can i show that with the audience and with you. her reaction today to that question. >> are you worried that there's anything that could come out that would upend the race? and did you ever joke about droning assange? >> well, i don't know anything about what he's talking about, and i don't recall any joke. it would have been a joke if it had been said, but i don't recall that. lou: she not only doesn't recall but doesn't recall what would have been a great joke. >> only in this campaign, are we talking about droning our political opponents. lou: we being her, we/her. this has taken a whole new tone
7:28 pm
of this campaign. she is, right now, she still has the millstone to use the old cliche and saw and whatever else you want to call it around her neck, of all of the scandals and yet she continues to perform well in the head-to-head with donald trump. >> right, hillary clinton people are very happy because of the last debate but also i had on my show brian fallon, the clinton campaign press secretary, he believes that the media are holding donald trump accountable which is his way of saying the media are really carrying the water of the clinton campaign by calling donald trump a liar. lou: they're thrilled. >> they're happy, it's not to say that donald trump doesn't make mistakes or commit self-inflicted wounds when he talks or tweets on things that take him off his core message, but the avalanche of negative stories against trump so dwarfs anything aimed at hillary clinton's direction.
7:29 pm
any fair assessment would be it's a bis unbalanced. lou: you and i have known each other for a very long time. we've worked together. i have never seen the national liberal media commit this kind of atrocity against anyone as they have donald trump. would you agree with the statement? >> it would depend on the atrocity. i think there are legitimate stories. lou: here's the atrocity. the fact is they are never, i mean almost never fair to the man. they attack him in ways they would never attack her, and they consistently keep a cocoon around her in terms of talking points am the talking points that are followed are her talking points, they're shared with the national media a week in advance, and often they're attempting to look at the home page of the "washington post," your old stomping grounds. it looks like jeff bezos sent a memo and there are six, seven stories on the editorial page
7:30 pm
and in the news hole every day attacking trump. >> well, the "washington post" has extensively been reporting on the problems that the trump foundation is having. i think the new york times is dropping a lot more tonnage on trump, some of the stories are legitimate, he's running on business record. therefore, it's fair for reporters. look at his business record. when you look at tone and the headlines and throwing around the word liar. lou: take the 1995 taxes loses a billion dollars. the "new york times" didn't know that? they wrote a story in 1995 talking about the comeback king. his name was donald trump. they hailed him as a great corporate hero. a business hero. >> i described that as a bombshell that didn't explode. i'm not saying it's a good story for donald trump. it is not. it gets into how did he lose a billion dollars? he took advantage of the larger scale than we do. lou: i'm talking about the integrity of the times, aye which is nonexistent in this. they knew about the story in 1995 when he was the comeback
7:31 pm
king. he had been the comeback king in their own measure, their template. >> nice to know he took a $916 million writeoff. almost a billion dollars. the "new york times" is paying zero taxes in 2014. that's what corporations do because they take advantage of every tax break. lou: and they are hypocritical sob's. donald trump proves why he's better to suit the economy and america better than anyone. >> hillary clinton has never created a single job in her life or added a single dollar of value to the economy. hillary clinton hasn't made an honest dollar in her life. all she does is take from you. lou: coming up next, the
7:32 pm
president of liberty university, jerry falwell, jr., joins me, we're coming to you live from longwood university in virginia. the site of the vice presidential debate. it's coming up in just about little over an hour about, an hour and a half. right here. stay with us, we're coming right back. pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. . lou: we're live in farmville,
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virginia at longwood university for tonight's vice presidential debate. bill clinton out on the campaign trail, and he did it again. he started speaking truth, the former president in doing so, blasted obamacare. listen. >> so you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million people have health care and then the people are busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. lou: craziest thing in the world. donald trump questioned whether bill clinton is a good surrogate that complimented him for telling the truth about obamacare. >> he's absolutely trashed president obama's signature legislation. he said it's the craziest thing in the world. i'll bet he went through hell last night. he went through hell. but you know honestly, there have been many nights when he's
7:37 pm
gone through hell with hillary. lou: joining me now the president of liberty university, jerry falwell, jr. jerry, great to have you here. >> great to be with you. lou: you have to give it to bill clinton. he's talking truth on obamacare. >> he is, but i don't want to give him the credit for planning it but i think obama planned -- couldn't get single payer back in 2008 but he got something approved that he knew would fail and i think the goal was to come in behind when it did fail and bring us single payer system. lou: yeah, i don't see any part, and i respect your judgment, but i don't see any part of anything this president has done that suggests to me he's got very clever ideas about anything, domestic or foreign, in the way of policy. following your view, the reality is, it is falling apart, and following your view, he's got to have hillary
7:38 pm
clinton to put together a single payer because donald trump is not going to go in that direction, obviously? >> simple arithmetic from day one, if you cover that many more people, the rates have to go up. i have a hard time believing they didn't know what was going to happen. lou: you have much more respect for their capacity than i do, and i appreciate that. let's turn to mike pence and his role with evangelical community. tonight, he and tim kaine are going to go at it. what do you expect to be the appeal that pence will make to evangelicals and how do you expect this debate to go? what do you expect will come of it? >> i think the evangelical voters are looking at different issues in this election than before. i think they have lost faith. they've been betrayed by so many politicians who said all the right things to them but did something different. the issue that appeal to evangelicals are the same ones that appeal to the general population.
7:39 pm
i think that's what mike pence will talk about. i think he'll talk about obamacare, he'll talk about the supreme court, who the trump-pence ticket will point to the supreme court. that's the most important issue to evangelicals. lou: he's put out 21 names, not a guarantee he will choose from the list, nothing done by any nominee in presidential campaigning history. >> i think tonight -- i was glad to see trump had a little fire in his belly in ashland. i think he'll come out swinging, i think he comes across as quiet and mild mannered. when he gets on the stage, he'll take it to tim kaine. >> i think you're right, and by the way, i think pence is really underestimated as we have to wrap up here. but i think that donald trump is taught one lesson for all presidential candidates and i think campaigns in the future. no one seeking highest office in the land has the right to
7:40 pm
bore the arican people to death. now we'll see if it works in his strategy. jerry falwell, junior, thank you. >> thank you. lou: kellyanne conway predicting a fiery performance echoing the words of jerry falwell, jr. we'll see what happens. >> people look at mike pence as low key, and he is. he's a perfect gentleman, i worked with him for years and years. he's there to play. i think you'll see in mike pence somebody who is able to defend donald trump, the running mate but at the same time take the case right to hillary clinton. lou: coming up next, tucker carlson and lee carter join me to preview the debate as governor pence takes on senator kaine head-to-head just about an hour from now here in longwood university in farmville, virginia. stay with us. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man.
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. lou: we're back live at farmville, virginia, longwood university. a beautiful place, and we're just about an hour away from the first and only vice presidential debate. they take the stage here in a little while. millions of people across the country expected to tune in tonight, but will it be the most watched vice presidential debate ever?
7:45 pm
many think so. the record holder is the 2008 presidential debate between biden and palin. nearly 78,000 people tuned into watch that debate. the second was between george h.w. bush and geraldine ferrareo. there is the metrics against which our performance will be judged.g and lee carter, political communications expert and partner, good have you both here. >> great to be here. lou: lee, this is quite something. what do you think pence is
7:46 pm
he's got a balancing act he's got to do, both entertaining and educated and informed tonight. it's going to be a big night for him. lou: a big night. what do you think, tucker? >> vouching for trump helps, pence is such an evidenceingly decent guy, temperamentally moderate person. he's not scary, nobody wants to vote for hillary clinton, bill clinton doesn't want to vote for hillary clinton. you want to be sure trump isn't the monster you hear about on television and he's not. lou: i'm starting to worry people are getting the idea that americans are supposed to be daffodilsly and the little gentle flowers cannot be bruised by the harsh winds of
7:47 pm
truth that often flow from the lips of donald trump, and i'm starting to think it may be a little darwinian! are americans suddenly too weak to have real leaders who speak truth to them? >> i don't think that they are. i think we've seen that with donald trump he has recovered from so many strong statements and i think people love him for his strength. what he's had is a drip, drip, drip strategy by the clinton campaign, one thing after another he has responded to. instead of overcoming it, he's reacting. he's staying in the middle of things he shouldn't be in. he needs to get out of that, stop reacting and get back on message if he's going to continue to have his strength. lou: this is the most -- this man keeps writing new rules and amazing results from it. >> he's doing it tonight. live tweeting during the debate. he'll not be silenced.
7:48 pm
>> he will not be silenced. lou: and the fact is do we want somebody who's just like we've seen? i mean we've got leaders who lie through their teeth, lied to by this administration on -- you name it -- iran, how about obamacare? collapsing before our very eyes. the republicans don't have to repeal it but will have to replace it, certainly, if they are of such a mind. this is an administration, and the previous administration which ve just, i mean, awful. >> the failures are demonstrable, without the failures trump wouldn't be the nominee. whatever trump's deficits, whatever his problems, he didn't create this mess. he didn't screw up the united states of america. and they did. not just the democrats, by the way. lou: yeah, and i love the idea -- go ahead, lee. >> i just think it's important that people understand that this is more than just voting for donald trump. this is voting for a movement. this is voting for people saying government is broken and
7:49 pm
we need something different and donald trump represents that, and i think that's what this is all about. more than voting for a man, it's voting for a movement. lou: yeah, you know, and i kind of like the idea of voting for the fellow, too. the reality is he's strong enough to speak truth. he's strong enough to actually speak in language that is accessible and comprehensible to every american. he talks about every american, not just african-americans or hispanics or white americans or inner city americans or big shot one percenters, he's talking to everybody. >> a sense that voting for trump is a middle finger in the face of the people who run everything. a vote for trump is vote against smugness, against self-satisfaction, against moral preening and dumbness. against the congress, against the leadership of both parwell,.
7:50 pm
>> absolutely. actually every one. lou: every one, all right! lee carter, tucker carlson. we're in agreement here. how often does that happen on the broadcast? we'll have to have you both back soon. thank you so much. on wall street, stocks ended lower, the dow falling 85 points, the nasdaq and s&p down 11 points. volume 3.6 billion shares, picking up a bit today. "wall street journal" reporting the long-awaited sale of the social media pioneer twitter, could be at hand. twitter expected to feel bids this week. that according to those familiar with the matter as reported within the pages of the august "wall street journal." listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we're coming right back. we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice.
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lou: we are coming to you live from farmville, virginia at longwood university as we await the beginning of the first and only vice presidential debate. one likely topic of the debate, hillary clinton's endless scandals and rebuilding america, a pro-trump super pac put out a new ad hitting clinton and her capacity for dishonesty. >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you be might ask. >> have you always told the truth? >> i always tried to, always.
7:55 pm
i have tried in every way i know how to level with the american people. pretty good ad. joining us, mike pompeii, congressman, great to have you on the broadcast. your reaction to that ad'strust. come november 8, we'll see that in the polls. in the elections. >> congressman, you worked mike comments house, the governor
7:56 pm
going up against nor tim kaine, also a governor of this great state as well. your assessment about what we can expect, kemy anne conway about that tonight and it will impress the american people. lou: i have got to ask you where we are trite now with the f.b.i. director who -- well, frankly his honesty has been impugned because of his refusal given the evidence to recommend prosecution. what do you think we are headed
7:57 pm
toward here with the f.b.i. director? many people, that includes myself think the man should be resigning forthwith from the f.b.i. >> there is no douining to do about the immunity deals and how the laptops were destroyed. the list is very long. lou: do you expect this to be a good portion of the debate, the honesty of hillary clinton, the fohrightness of donald trump? what do you expect? >> i do expect it will be a
7:58 pm
topic. it's completely irrelevant to who should be the commander-in-chief. we have seen the iran deal that puts american lives at risk. and she still tells the american people those are her policies. this should be the center point of debate this week and the next five weeks. lou: we waited for julian assange and wikileaks to deliver the october surprise, and here we are frustrated, disappointed. is not fit to be the commander-in-chief.
7:59 pm
and i'm confident the american people will see that as well. lou: your judgment on the most important issue the two vice presidential nominees can wrangle over themselves. just their special issue. those are a stark contrast and the american peoplwill see i hotly tonight. lou: does this presage a greater debate on capitol hill among thd
8:00 pm
every american will get together to insure hillary clinton never gets near the white house ever again. lou: congressman mike pompeo. my colleague neil cavuto leading the way in our special coverage. >> announcer: live from longwood university in farmville, virginia. this is fox business network's special coverage of the vice presidential debate. here is neil cavuto. neil: we are awaiting mike pence. as long as these two candidates have known each other, they have never met each other. pence was working as a house member when kaine first arrived as governor this fine stat


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